How to Own Your Development, Stop Blaming, and Get Promoted


You’re sitting at your desk blaming the World because you were passed up for a promotion. You look around and see other’s celebrating success and all you can think about is blame. You blame your environment, you blame your leader for not developing you, and you blame everyone else but yourself.

For many of us, our career dictates much more than just money alone. My job is my passion, my hobby, and many of my achievements can be attributed to it. All of this being said, with so much invested, our career is a high-emotion entity.

Fortunately for me, the past 5 years I have had some of the greatest leaders and mentors I could ask for. For many other individuals this simply isn’t the case. Often employee’s development becomes stagnant causing a great deal of frustration for many teams. Development is often fun and exciting at first, but when it comes time to execution it puts the fun to the real test for both the leader and employee.

Before the last 5 years, I learned that blaming and frustration wouldn’t get me anywhere in life. I decided that I would own a great portion of my own development and hold myself accountable. Not only has self-development helped me achieve my own goals, it’s taught me many things along the way. Let’s explore your own way on How to Own Your Development, Stop Blaming, and Get Promoted:

Reasons to self-develop

  • Prevents the constant need for others to point out your obvious opportunities, rather than improving them yourself
  • Allows you to network with others who can significantly impact your career and become valuable resources in your development
  • Builds a strong sense of trust with others as you prove you hold yourself accountable
  • You know your own opportunities more than anyone else (USUALLY)
  • You can develop at your own pace

Strategies for self-development

  • Let your leader know what you are focusing on to gain feedback along your journey
  • Seek your own development resources (books, seminars, mentors etc.)
  • Try to analyze the job position you’re seeking and understand the day-to-day responsibilities, focus on one at a time and dominate the skills required for the role
  • Find solutions to problems you would normally seek guidance on from your leader
  • Remain consistent and don’t walk away when things become difficult
  • Embrace frustrations, challenges and inconveniences as opportunities for you to conquer rather than distractions for you to fail

Self-development will keep you challenged and ahead of the rest of the competition. When you embrace the idea that you control your environment, you will spend less time blaming, and more time succeeding. I still practice self-development, but when relevant, ensure that your direct leader has an active role in your growth. When possible, both self-development, and partnered development will ensure you are maximizing your career potential.

Develop daily,

Michael Dooley

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