10 Reasons including others is Crucial for Success


 I will be the first to admit that this year was an amazing year for developing my ability to collaborate with others. For many leaders, we are great at recognizing others who are like us, and terrible at including others who aren’t. It’s easier, quicker, and safer to establish and build relationships with others who share our same vision. Let’s explore 10 Reasons including others is Crucial for Success:

  1. Those that don’t think the same you do will help you understand the hurdles you will face that you might not have considered
  2. Having a strong team of support is extremely important, the larger your support base, the better you will be at overcoming obstacles in your career
  3. Ignoring opposing opinions will slow your long-term execution, you might get out of the meeting quicker, but these unaddressed concerns will haunt you
  4. Employees that differ from you will challenge you and inspire you if they truly feel it’s appreciated
  5. Those who are most like you will enhance your skills, while those who differ will teach you completely new ones
  6. Isolating groups based on their thoughts will cause others to lose trust in your ability to lead; without trust you are hopeless
  7. Employees will become a product of their environment, when they feel they provide no value to you, they will stop caring about the value they really do bring
  8. When goals and company initiatives change, groups that were once isolated might become your most valuable resource
  9. Exclusion can be a threat to job security; employees who feel left out will rightfully do what it takes to defend their own job and interfere with your success
  10. Undervaluing others will cause an enormous dip in morale and overall job performance

Take time to analyze your ability to include others. If you have a certain outline of what “success” looks like, make sure it isn’t too narrow that others can’t be included and/or molded to meet those standards. Since I have learned the benefits of implementing inclusion, I have grown significantly in my own personal development. Be real with your employees, peers and leaders and develop daily!

Michael Dooley



Question: What benefits have you gained by including others? Have you seen firsthand how isolation can tamper with a successful team?


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