10 Incredible Skills My Top Employees Possess


I wanted to take time to outline specific talents I see excellent employees own. These are the rapid-growth super-performers we all want to have on our teams. Whether it’s sales, customer service, or anything else, these specific skills will distinguish the extraordinary from ordinary. Here is the list of 10 Incredible Skills My Top Employees Possess:

  1. Feedback– associates that provide constructive feedback to their peers helps unify teams and maximize growth.
  2. Flexibility– employees who understand the need to be flexible during times of stress and uncertainty will keep a team strong when you need it the most.
  3. Energetic– my personal favorite is the energy others bring to the table. High energy individuals keep the morale and positive focus of a team.
  4. Passion– those who are incredibly passionate about what they do will inspire other individuals and create a sense of pride within the work environment.
  5. Ethical– people who can perform AND do so in an ethical way will set the right example for teammates. Peers want to work with someone they don’t feel jeopardizes the company’s reputation.
  6. Respect– one of the highest rated abilities of individuals is the way they display respect towards others. Those who disrespect peers and leaders will be a constant target for negativity and loss of morale.
  7. Unity– a team mindset is much more powerful than an individual one. Employees who think and operate as a team will outlast individual contributors.
  8. Pride– having pride in your abilities and results will go a long way. Associates who don’t care about their results will often be poor performers and drag other team members down as well.
  9. Drive– employees need to minimally match your ability to drive their performance and career growth. Employees who are driven naturally attract others and will help you create your future leadership bench strength.
  10. Inspirational– that’s right, inspiration is not just a responsibility left for leaders. Employees who inspire others growth, performance, morale and trust are essential to teams. Having constant conversations to utilize these individuals will help you accomplish your goals much faster than going at it alone.  

It’s important to recognize these qualities, it’s even more important to recognize these individuals for their efforts. If you have employees that are showing each of these qualities, you need to consider where they fit into the future of your company. I also recommend using this list to identify key behaviors that need to be enhanced with your direct reports.

Develop daily,

Michael Dooley

 Questions: What skills did I leave out? What is your personal favorite skill you look for employees to own?

5 thoughts on “10 Incredible Skills My Top Employees Possess

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I find your blog very informational and educational and awesome. I think I would not leave out any of the above mentioned skills since each one of them is very important. Thanks for sharing and happy blogging.

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