How to Pursue a Dream and Maintain a Job


Many people can balance both a day job and pursue their dreams. There are even a few people that already have a job they consider their dream. For the majority of people, they go to work each day and complete the tasks to help pay for a small portion of their dreams each year; vacation etc. Let’s explore some ways on How to Pursue a Dream and Maintain a Job:

Reasons we don’t pursue a dream:

  • Money factors
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of time
  • Day job consumes energy
  • Doesn’t know what dreams are
  • Not qualified to achieve goals
  • No idea where to start

Let’s address the reasons:

Money factors

Depending on what the dream is, this will take a lot of planning. If your dream is to travel, or to open your own restaurant, you will need to plan. Set aside a small amount of your paycheck and label it your dream fund. Set a goal and stick to the monthly payments. I personally am planning to travel to Thailand in a few months. I know exactly the amount I have to put aside to achieve this goal, and I am sticking to it. Find your date, and start paying it off.

Lack of support

You need to address this with those you live and work with. Let others know what your dreams are and make sure they understand they are important to you. I often feel unsupported when I am not putting enough effort towards something. When you fight through excuses and own your dream, others will be inspired by your dedication and take you seriously. Don’t be afraid to advertise your dreams and plan to the World.

Lack of time

This is a very dangerous excuse to use for almost anything. There is always time, whether you cut back on TV, or you exercise your way into having more energy. Like money, time requires a lot of planning. Plan out your daily activities and schedule yourself some time to pursue your dreams. Dreams are so powerful, that the time we spend thinking about them – we could potentially have achieved them.

Day job consumes energy

Is your energy physical or emotional energy? How much energy does your dream take? If you are mentally fatigued at the end of the day, or you feel physically tired, you need to address this immediately. I go to exercise and stress management techniques to help with my energy concerns. See my stress management and daily routine articles.

Doesn’t know what dreams are

Everyone has goals and dreams. Discuss with some friends what their dreams are; within two minutes you will be inspired and realize what yours are- I promise.

Not qualified to achieve goals

Impossible- what are your dreams? What do you consider your qualifications? If you qualify yourself based on what others tell you; you might not be right on paper. Make your own set of rules and pursue your dreams.

No idea where to start

Networking is the best place to start for support, inspiration and accountability. Since I have been writing articles and blogging, I have met countless individuals who inspire me to accomplish things I never thought possible. Find others who are in similar interest groups as your dreams, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

Some of the above might not apply to each person, but if one single piece of advice inspires you I have successfully pursued my own dream today.

Develop daily,

Michael Dooley
 Questions: What are your dreams and how have you pursued them? Have you used any of the methods above to accomplish a dream?



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