How to Decide What Career Path to Take


Warning: I am about to get passionate on this subject, I just got finished reading some awful advice on a forum and I need to set some things straight. This article is meant to inspire career seekers, and hopefully be reinforced by experienced professionals. The following is advice on how to decide what career path to take:


I am absolutely sick and tired of parents, professionals, websites and teachers convincing young professionals that their dreams and ambitions are not suitable for today’s market. The post I just read online was a high school senior asking for career advice. She confessed that she loves journalism and reporting, and does it every chance she gets. She wrote that she has heard that the job market for this career is declining rapidly. Her inquiry was to find out what she should do.

Other’s Advice

  1. “Yep, its true journalism and reporting jobs are on the steady decline, I wouldn’t advise you to take this career path.”
  2. “Despite whether or not you can get a job in journalism, it doesn’t pay worth anything. I recommend you switch careers to make more money.”

Are you serious? My turn….

If you consume yourself with reports and data on which career to choose you might as well throw in the towel now. We can only speculate on which jobs will and won’t be here in the future. The point I want to make is that it isn’t about how much money the average Joe makes, or the guestimates of you landing a career in the field you want. You shouldn’t be concerned with the job you land, but finding ways to channel your passion into something you can be successful in.

In this scenario, I will assume the previous commenters are correct in thinking journalism is dying out as quickly as CD players. Start with analyzing what you are passionate about. If she is passionate about speaking, being heard, and others grasping on to her every word, then she must pursue those passions. This young individual could start a blog, a YouTube channel, she could make a fortune with her own website; you get the point right?

Pursue your dreams, leave out the statistics, and please people- develop daily,

Michael Dooley
 Question: Did this article help? Did it hit close to home? What dreams have others tried to talk you out of?

14 thoughts on “How to Decide What Career Path to Take

  1. Bravo, Michael! Passion may not be everything, but it sure is hard to fulfill a dream without it. It can compensate for many things that we lack and overcome a world of adversity. It’s an irreplaceable force that should not be ignored!

  2. Here! Here! I am a 40 year old single Mum – I have never had a career as I have been looking after the kids and now I have agraphobia and other problems with anxiety and depression BUT I am starting to wake up again to my love of writing and creating beautiful books (for myself and my family) and occasionally other people will discover on their travels around the www. To me though it has been about no longer worrying what other people think I should or should not be doing but to just be happy in what I enjoy and trying to get myself well again. Also I have 2 teenage daughters, one just started college and one doing her GCSEs and I was worrying so much about how they were going to get out into the workforce, knowing that I have not been able to – then I realised that it didn’t matter – I didn’t force them into any apprenticeships or ‘easy’ options but have told them to follow their dreams. If it doesn’t pan out, they have the rest of their lives to find a ‘real’ job. So my eldest is at college doing art and design and my 14 year old is passionate that she will go to college and study Drama!

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  4. Great advice! I wish I was tolad as much when I was 17. I am 26 now! Lol! I pretty much received the same advice as the young lady you mentioned. Now, however, I am taking baby steps in pursuit of my passion. And each small step is therapeutic.

  5. Money cannot buy happiness. Living your passion will make you so much richer regardless of the money you make. I always use to tell my students what my Dad told me, “always keep your options open.”

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