10 Ways a Leader Builds Trust (Plus Survey)


Trust is the foundation of great personal and professional relationships. We can destroy a connection, and we can also enhance a relationship with the power of trust.

I receive a lot of complaints from employees when there is a lack of trust for their leaders. Often times it’s a simple misunderstanding, but sometimes there is a major concern for behavior. Here I have outlined 10 Ways a Leader Builds Trust:

  1. Tells an employee directly what their strengths and opportunities are
  2. Follows up with their company initiatives
  3. Holds everyone consistently accountable
  4. Doesn’t wait for an annual review to discuss performance
  5. Doesn’t complain about customers openly with employees
  6. Supports the company and its leaders
  7. Doesn’t gossip about other employees or leaders
  8. Able to complete the same job that they expect from employees
  9. Includes everyone on decisions
  10. Completes the tasks they promise

Each individual has their own perspective on the best ways to build trust. The list above is the feedback I have received from employees over the years. Take a moment to share your own thoughts and opinions by completing the survey below.

Survey: What would you add to the list? Which do you think is most important? Let me know by completing the survey: http://goo.gl/we50hU

Develop daily,

Michael Dooley


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