Leadership Quotes – Fear of Loss



6 thoughts on “Leadership Quotes – Fear of Loss

  1. Great post. I was interested in writing and journalism in high school, but someone told me it wasn’t practical. I went to school to be a surgery tech and ended up hating it. Now I am back in college and a creative writing major!

  2. I left uni with a degree in literature and theatre and told myself that given the state of employment in the arts I would be sensible and go for marketing and admin roles. Nobodymis successful making theatre right?

    I ended up as an intern taught myself how to build a website, market other peoples shows and organise events. All very useful but still couldn’t battle the failing job market.

    So I went back to the drawing board and decided it was time to write my own show. I already knew how to market one! I built my own website and then others asked me to build theirs. I started a blog and then started writing for other online publications too. And my show went really well.

    The point is, you can create your own work if you are passionate enough about something and even if it doesn’t pay the bills chances are you’ll pick up skills that will!

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