25 Ways to Have Job Security and be known as a Career Super Hero


So you want to save the day and be known as a career hero? Does defeating the most challenging feats inspire you? Does the thought of being the go-to-guru keep you up at night?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might just have the drive it takes to be a career hero. A career hero is a critical and valuable person that provides support to others in an unselfish way. Having a reputation for a crucial problem solver not only wins you major career points, your job security is like as strong as iron.

25 Ways to Have Job Security and be known as a Career Super Hero

  1. Never let coffee run low at work.
  2. Take super complicated e-mails and transform them into easy to understand how-to guides for your peers.
  3. Keep an extra can of spray deodorant for a stinky victim.
  4. Have a roll of quarters in your desk, loose change always finds its value at some point.
  5. Offer to order products for others using your Amazon Prime account (they just use their card at the payment screen).
  6. Offer to pick up everyone’s favorite candy once a month, keep it on your desk to keep up with your networking skills.
  7. Learn Spanish; even conversational- it comes in handy often.
  8. Know how to fix a paper jam in a printer.
  9. Clean everyone’s monitor with electric safe wipes one morning.
  10. Write thank you cards to individuals for small acts of kindness.
  11. Listen to others carefully, offer solutions, and pass no judgment.
  12. Always keep a big pack of gum in your desk.
  13. A secret stash of headache medicine will earn you major points when needed.
  14. Bring in a healthy snack on a consistent day each week; share your recipe by printing it out.
  15. Keep a Tide whitening pen at your desk.
  16. Understand how to input your office e-mail settings into a smartphone or tablet.
  17. Send a text reminder 30 minutes before team meetings and conference calls to your peers.
  18. Scrape everyone’s windshield when it snows.
  19. Not only be the top performer, share all of your best practices in as many ways possible.
  20. Install Pandora on someone’s smartphone; lend/donate a set of cheap headphones to top off the deed.
  21. Setup a rotation system for buying lunch without making it a hassle every day. Use e-mail or a list on the fridge for others to decide daily if they want to contribute.
  22. Constantly dig for best practices from others on simplifying company procedures and policies, share them with everyone.
  23. Fully understand your leader’s goals and objectives so you can help support those who have a difficult time.
  24. Setup office parties and employee functions on a consistent basis to keep morale high.
  25. Respect and value each employee, tell them often.

It was fun to come up with the list, many of these items I have tried in the past and have worked very well. The point of the exercise is to pick out a few and implement them here and there. These are great ways to show your team you truly care about them.

Develop daily,

Michael Dooley

 What do you think about the lists of 25 Ways to Have Job Security and be known as a Career Super Hero? What suggestions do you have?

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