Letting Go

Letting Go


2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. The way I read this:

    It’s that fear, that thought that something out of your control might happen because you allowed it to, that gives the “difficult”. This is particularly true to those managers (and others) who feel the need to be on top of everything and be in control all the time, frightened that something will go wrong otherwise. Opening up the scope of possibilities by allowing others the chance to shine and – dare I say it – save the day, shows real leadership.

    Good leaders don’t just lead. Good leaders listen. Followers respect good leaders. Someone in the team might have the answer in a difficult situation, or the group together might find something. A leader doesn’t have to have all the answers.

    The reward of the quote is in learning that being open to new ideas from those within the team is a strength, not a weakness; that by appreciating and using the talents of those in the team makes the whole team stronger, not just the leader.

    As the old saying goes, more heads are better than one – a leader doesn’t have to do it alone.

    It’s a win-win situation.

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