My Top 5 Opportunities to Grow- 2013


In the book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” there is a section in the book that motivated me to seek crucial feedback from my previous teams, my current team, and my friends and family. It was an eye opening experience that inspired me to share what I learned.

Top 5 Opportunities

  1. Winning at all costs necessary
  2. Lack of focused communication
  3. Shows frustration and makes others uncomfortable during times of stress or lack of performance
  4.  Comes into group collaboration knowing what the outcome will be before discussing openly
  5. Doesn’t relate well to those with different agendas

I will be open and tell you that the feedback was both inspirational and deflating at first. After a good night’s sleep I decided that I was going to utilize this feedback and continue to check-in on my progress. Although the feedback listed above doesn’t sound like things a great leader would get feedback on, its surprising what others will say when you let them explain.

Without going into to much justification, much of the feedback had specific examples and even advice to follow. Since I have worked on these specific competencies I have greatly improved and have a new list building.

Advice: everyone will have their own list to work on, seek your own and focus on growth rather than trying to over-analyze every possible reason for the data. Check your progress with additional feedback from those you consulted originally. 

The point of this exercise that the book helped me with allowed me to seek feedback from those who we often overlook. Although it was definitely a challenge, it was one of the best periods of growth I have had to develop daily!

-Michael dooley

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