How to Stay Leveled at Work


Everyone gets stressed at work, it’s inevitable. How a leader handles stress is a great testimony for how effective they are in their role. Here are some strategies for remaining leveled during stressful times:

  1. Treat the way you handle each situation as an audition to prove to your team your effectiveness at work.
  2. Celebrate the small wins as you accomplish them. Each task that you finish should be a reward to offset the stress and hardships.
  3. Take time to vent to a trusted peer who can point you in the right direction.
  4. Step outside for air, even if this situation is time constrained. Thinking clearly and effectively will save you emotional recovery time that stress greatly impacts.
  5. Continue to exercise and get plenty of sleep especially if the stress has no expiration date.
  6. If the stress gets to the point you want to quit your job, sit down with your leader and plan ways to improve the situation.
  7. During your lunch break, go to a car or office where you won’t be bothered. Try to meditate and focus on things outside of work or nothing at all.
  8. When you arrive at home, go for a walk with a loved one. Chances are you won’t want to talk about your job when you are home, but going for a walk will keep you engaged in conversation and remove additional distractions while gaining their advice and support.
  9. If the stress is a short-term impact, remember that your energy and focus need to be concentrated, and you will feel accomplished later.
  10.  Find humor in situations that you can’t control. Most stressful situations will mean nothing in two or three weeks. Learning to laugh now, rather than later will help crisis seem like petty problems.

Stress has enormous impacts on our body both physically and emotionally, learning to handle stress and stay leveled will allow you to fully develop daily!

-Michael Dooley

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