5 Male Hygiene Tips for Work


In a long list of career impacts, my followers rated personal hygiene as #3 as the most crucial influence on one’s career. Personal hygiene, especially if it’s terrible can be an untold concern from your peers. Here is a list of 5 tips for men when it comes to personal hygiene preventative issues. I will post a list for women later on this week.

  1. Deodorant: always keep an extra stick/bottle of deodorant at work! Keep it in a locker, a drawer, or a professional bag, make sure it’s not exposed to high heat- and keep it for emergencies. Stinking pits are the absolute worst possible situations to have at work- it’s good to be prepared for an emergency.
  2. Breath: I hope you don’t work for an employer that doesn’t allow gum to be chewed. Vulgar breath is off-putting, and while you are marinating the room with your words, others are only thinking about getting away from you as soon as possible. Chewing gum in situations that you are in close contact with others is a must.
  3. Finger nails: pay close attention to your nails, keep them trimmed and keep them clean. Your little pointers can be distracting and disgusting if you don’t pay attention. Take some time and go check how long your nails are, there is no magic formula, but if you have a good friend they should tell you willingly when it’s time to “part” ways.
  4. Teeth: it’s not just about brushing your teeth; you have to keep those pearls white too. I know this is borderline cosmetic rather than a hygiene concern, but this one is crucial. Crest strips and professional whitening might be a great way for you to make a big impact on how others perceive you. Chances are you could use some whitening up, so again, ask someone you trust if a shade lighter might be a big improvement.
  5. Ear wax: have you ever been talking with someone and noticed a big glob of gold in their canal? That pretty trophy has the potential to be the most repulsive personal addition next to a booger dangling. If this sounds disgusting- it’s because it is. Take some time to have the ear wax removed safely and timely.

Thanks for getting through this one with me! I know that hygiene, especially when it comes to the office can be an uncomfortable conversation. Instead of letting others talk about it while you keep trucking on not knowing- I figured I could give you a chance to prevent or change your personal hygiene future. Learning comes in many forms, develop daily!





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