Which Feedback Profile Are You?


Consider the possible 4 profiles for receiving feedback:

Welcomer: those who receive feedback graciously, often seeks other’s advice to enhance their own skills. No matter how painful the feedback is, or how incorrect a Welcomer feels the advice is, they say “thank you” and proceed to develop their skills.

Butter: a Butter receives feedback openly, butttt are prone to justifying their actions with a response to everything. No matter how insignificant the feedback, a Butter is always ready to respond.

Server: servers rarely seek feedback, it causes a great deal of anxiety and awkwardness for a Server to listen to someone give feedback. Servers enjoy observing and giving difficult feedback to anyone that is willing to listen.

Heartfelt: leaders who value receiving and giving feedback with immense emotion. Using strong emotions and actions, Heartfelts never skip a chance to share their feelings with others and the feedback they receive.

Click here>> What type of Feedback receiver are you? Rate the traits above!

I’ll send out results later this week, enjoy everyone and develop daily!

-Michael Dooley





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