5 Favorite Office Snacks (Healthy)


Eating write at the office can be extremely difficult. Finding items that are still enjoyable to eat, but fast and easy is what I enjoy the most!

Here is my latest list of healthy and easy choices:

  1. Hummus and carrots: absolutely incredibly delicious! I personally like the original hummus, but get some baby carrots and BAM!
  2. Trop50 orange juice: have you tried it? I used to drink gallons of orange juice a week as a kid (different story) so I am qualified to tell you this stuff is great. The benefit is that it’s only 50 calories and still tastes amazing!
  3. Bagel and honey: I simply put a whole wheat bagel in a toaster and drizzle honey on it after its toasted. It’s around 300 calories, low fat and super tasty.
  4. Wasabi Almonds: super addictive, incredibly tasty, and healthy in small portions. BlueDiamond makes the best version of this flavor. Set aside a proportion before you start eating- seriously you will eat the whole bag if you don’t.
  5. SkinnyCow: I actually like the simply ice cream sandwiches the most. It’s a great way to get a really low-fat, low-calorie snack. Limit.

Hope the list helps everyone in their health journey while developing daily.

-Michael Dooley





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