I Dream of Egypt- Find Your Inspiration



One of my childhood dreams was to visit and live in Egypt. Something majestic and inspirational lives within thousand year old handmade architecture; its appeal is obvious. I remember sitting in front of the television for hours watching documentaries on the different hieroglyphics, the buzz of deciphering the ancient language and the multitude of mysteries yet to be uncovered. I was in awe, I was fascinated- this was my first feelings I recall of passion for something, and true inspiration.

There is something deep inside us, something that will follow us for years- that is emotional connections. Have you ever watched TV and began to feel a strong emotion? Have you felt feelings of inspiration, sorrow, pain, happiness all from one movie scene? The reason is because of an emotional connection that is deep within us. Recently there have been many commercials about the power a mother has on our lives, these are sure to stir up emotions for all of us.

When I was in college, some of my best friends were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. I spent the majority of my evenings with these friends that were incredible influences in my life. Recently I have had the privilege of reconnecting with many of these friends that like the pyramids went untouched for many years (not quite as many). Blogging and Facebook have helped inspire me, and bring strong emotional connections from those I interact with.

Spend some time revisiting your childhood dreams, think about what stirs up your emotional connections with the World. Feelings of admiration, happiness and joy are feelings we should revisit often. Thank you to my friends who I have met, thank you to those who I have reconnected with over the years. I have felt strong inspiration from connecting with my dreams through linking with others and developing daily!

Michael Dooley





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