5 Ways to fall in Love with Your Career


Here are 5 really simple ways to fall, and stay in love with your career:

  1. Know you: know who you are, know what makes you happy! Those who know what truly makes them happy can apply it in every channel of their life. If being social makes you happy, utilize your passion to network responsibly with others. Finding bits of time to do what you love at work will help you engage and become an advocate for your company.
  2. Be realistic: going into your job every day is not a vacation for most people. We all have a paid assignment at the end of the day, it’s not always going to be easy- but that’s why they hired us. Reminding yourself that it’s okay to work hard will set yourself up for long-term success- embrace this concept and you will go far in your career.
  3. Reward: knowing what your leaders are passionate about and what they want out of you will help you achieve reward. Reward and recognition are some of the most powerful tools a leader can provide; employees should expect this from their leaders. If you have the talk with your leader, understand what you need to do, and then execute flawlessly over time, you should get constant positive reinforcement.
  4. Anti-negativity: please take this one into consideration- get yourself away from negative people. Negatively is draining, it’s a way for employees to prove they don’t care about work, and they are ready to take the whole team down with them. Understand that you are in control of YOUR career, and although it might be fun for a while, the negative gossip will destroy your morale. If you want to love something, you have to have people that support that passion, not destroy it.
  5. Mentor: this has been the most impactful move of my professional career the last few months. My personal mentor is the person I look to for inspiration, for encouragement, and to vent responsibly with. When things are going great I make sure I express my passion, when things are difficult I seek their guidance and experience. Having a professional and trusted mentor will improve morale, and decrease your downtime.

Hope the tips help everyone reengage and fall back in love with their careers, develop daily!

-Michael Dooley







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