My Inspirational Journey- Gordon Tredgold


My Journey

In August 2013 I decided it was time for me to write that book on Leadership I always knew I wanted to write.

So I sat down with a pen and note back and started to write. After a couple of hours, nothing written worth while and a pile of screwed up paper, it occurred to me this might be a bit more difficult than I thought.

But I was determined that I was going to start writing, so I changed my approach, I decided I would begin with a blog, and try to write a blog post everyday, 3-600 words on a topic I wanted to include in the book.

I thought this was a good idea, it would give me the chance to see if I had anything to say which would be of interest to someone else and also give me an opportunity to get some feedback.

Shortly after I started the blog a friend called Tanya told me that her chemotherapy was not working anymore and that the doctors said there was nothing more they could do. I was devastated and decided I wanted to do something, but what ?  Then it occurred to me, that I could try to raise money for cancer charity by running a marathon. As a 52 year old non runner this was quite a commitment, especially as i hadn’t really done any sports worth mentioning in the last 20 years.

So I started the training, and was joined by a couple of non runner friends who thought it might be a good idea.

As I started the training, I started to realize just how much leadership is involved in getting yourself ready to run a marathon, the motivation, planning, preparation, commitment and determination, etc.

It then occurred to me that maybe I could write a book linking the two, write about leadership principles and then show how I had used them to drive myself and my friends forward. I could be my own guinea pig and case study for what I believed.

I also started a Facebook page, to compliment my blog and promote it.

My Accomplishments

3 months after starting my blog it was rated one of the Top 50 Leadership Blogs to watch in 2013.

6 months after setting the goal of running a marathon I completed the Dusseldorf Marathon in 5hrs and 13 minutes along with my friends Tarak and Kristen, and between us we raised around $7000 for charity.

My blog was rated in the Top 30 Hidden Gems of Leadership

10 months after starting the blog I completed my first book Leadership: It’s a Marathon not a Sprint, and one month later I signed a publishing contract, the book will be available from Nov 2013. 30% of profits will be donated to the charity ‘Teal Ribbon’ for Ovarian Cancer Research.

6 months after starting my Facebook page I have 170,000 followers

12 months after starting my blog I have had 220,000 hits, it has been ranked 37 in Leadership Blogs, I have written over 300 posts, and added additional languages with posts in french and Arabic

None of this I even dreamed of, or thought was possible back in July 2012. If you had told me I would achieve all this in the next 12 months I would have told you you’re nuts.

Future Goals

I am currently training for the Cologne marathon, which I will run with 6 friends who have never run a marathon before, but have been inspired by my completing the Marathon.

After that I plan to run complete a Marathon in 5 continents. Europe has already been done, but I plan  to run in Vancouver (Americas) May 14, Cape Town (Africa) Sept 2014, Hong Kong (Asia) Feb 2015, then Sydney (Australia) Sept 2015.

I also plan to write another book on leadership, a pragmatic, clear and simple guide to leadership in layman’s terms.

I would also like to start giving webinars, seminars, and speaking about leadership, ideally on Ted. As well as extend my blog and Facebook page to create a Leadership Community of over 1/2 a million followers with posts and articles in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Mandarin, making leadership accessible to all and helping to progress the next generation of leaders.

Everything Else

We should look to inspire everyone we come into contact with, and look to find inspiration for ourselves in everything. Inspiration is incredibly powerful and its something we should look to foster as much as possible

Connect with Gordon


Michael Dooley:

It’s rare to connect with someone from the moment you exchange articles on Facebook. To me, Gordon represents humbleness and generosity that I rarely see from many people. I am truly inspired by the few privileged conversations that I have had with Gordon over the last week. I knew within a few hours that this would be someone the World should know more about, someone who’s inspirational stories and accomplishments were worth hearing.

I appreciate you Gordon for the brief, yet impressionable moments you have already given me. I look forward to seeing you accomplish more and more in your life, and we will all be cheering for you as you cross the numerous finish lines in your leadership journey. Thank you for helping me develop daily!

-Michael Dooley

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