Wings for Morale


One of my favorite morale boosters for 2012 was my hot wing challenge! I am a complete fanatic for hot wings, and although most people don’t meet my same passion for food, I can definitely get heads turning for wings.

When I took over my last team, a common problem that every leader faces is building relationships with the group. One day I brought a bucket of wings in from Wal-Mart and the top performing employee was in the break room as well. I offered her a wing, and from that day on we began the wing challenge.

Our city has hundreds of restaurants that offer wings, so we decided each Wednesday we would grab a new batch, from a new place. Once we got the wings, we would bond over lunch together and then score the wings on five different categories.

Each week we would look forward to our lunch, and after a few months we had an absolute ridiculous wing challenge board. The other employees often pitched in on the contest, and at the end we rated our highest rated wing place- we still order from them weekly.

Food is a great way to boost morale; a lunch gives us an opportunity to be human with our employees! Take a few minutes today and find common interest with your own teams. Find something that you can each bond over, and as a unit start developing daily!

-Michael Dooley





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