The Incredible 6-Step Daily Routine


Wanting to stay physically fit, mentally fit, socially fit, career fit and everything else fit? I have a routine that I have been following daily for over a year now that can significantly help with that!

  1. Nutrients: I wake up and drink a small cup of green tea, or coffee. I take a multivitamin and then I have a very small amount of food, like a half bagel with honey, or a cup of egg whites. This will come in handy for step 3. Your body needs energy to get the day going, I feel alive within a few minutes, and the food preparation helps get me prepared for the day.
  2. Social: for thirty minutes I check e-mail, respond to messages, and check my blogcomments and reviews. These thirty minutes helps the caffeine and nutrition from the food to start kicking in, as well as my mind becomes prepared for step 3.
  3. Physical: I always rotate workouts, but currently I cycle Insanity videos which last between 35-60 minutes. This is by far the most important of the 6 steps. There is no cheating, if you want to have a killer routine it has to involve exercise.  Don’t worry about doing Insanity if it’s too hard, do some brisk walking for 20 minutes; the point is to get the body moving.
  4. Rosetta Stone: this is a secret so keep it between us! I can’t tell you how much this one will impact your life if you invite it in. Learning a language uses so many brain functions and is a great way to keep you engaged. Take everything else out of the equation and you have the ability to learn another language! Oh, and by the way, Rosetta Stone absolutely, positively works!
  5. Prioritize: I believe that prioritization is the most important aspect of a productive day. Writing down and scheduling your events will help you feel accomplished, as well as keep you timely. The more responsibility you have, the more important it is for you to be on time, to be organized, and to accomplish everything you want. Most of us are not as busy as we think, we are just really disorganized and don’t know how to schedule our time.
  6. Calm: this hectic but effective routine has to come with relaxation! I don’t text, call, e-mail or watch TV when it’s time to relax! You can do yoga, listen to calming music, sit out on your porch and close your eyes, but you need to think clear and calm, and do it alone. I reflect on my day and reward myself with confidence for what I have accomplished. No matter how easy or difficult the day was, you have to give yourself credit for getting through it. See My 5 Favorite Things to Release Stress for additional guidance on relaxation.

If you can accomplish a few of these steps at a time, it will be easy to achieve all 6 in no time. These are my personal choices, you can swap them with many different favorites of your own. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to reach out to me or the World, and lets all develop daily!

-Michael Dooley





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