My Inspirational Journey- Jean Reinhardt


My Journey

Oct 2012 I began my first book. In Feb 2013 a writer’s group formed in my town and that gave me tremendous encouragement and support. It was exactly what I needed at the right time.

My Accomplishments

My children are my greatest accomplishment. I am also quite proud of my salon, which I set up in the recession, in 2009. My husband and children were very supportive and encouraging. I now have a regular supply of clients, many of whom I would consider as friends. I enjoy my work, and my writing, and appreciate the fact that my lifestyle allows me to do both.

Future Goals

I would like to become the best writer I can be. This will take time, practice and hard work. All of which I am used to.

Everything Else

Never feel you have failed if you don’t reach your goals, at least you tried, the world needs more triers.

Connect with Jean

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Jean and I (Michael Dooley), started blogging around the same time this year. We have been able to join many of the same groups and have bounced ideas and feedback off of each other. I believe in the importance of collaboration and a strong support team. I nominated Jean to be our first individual for the Leadership Inspiration Project because of her way with words, her travel and cultural journey, and her ability to network and inspire others.

Spend five minutes on Jean’s pages and you will understand why she has helped me develop daily!

-Michael Dooley


2 thoughts on “My Inspirational Journey- Jean Reinhardt

  1. Good Luck in your blogging. I remember the excitement when I published my first novel and look forward to finishing my second. Writing and sharing is a great way to bring people closer together. To say those things that truly make a difference.

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