5 Absolutely Awkward Product Reviews


I have found some absolutely hilarious/ridiculous reviews written online that I wanted to share with the World. I think posting reviews and giving feedback is an incredible way to help customers buy products, but sometimes I can’t quite understand some of the content. If I get a good response from my followers I will make sure to continue doing this weekly!

Here are my weekly favorites from a few popular websites. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Nothing new just a regurgitated sound, I call it fartpop it doesn’t surprise me that it’s doing not so good in sales.

            My thoughts: Fartpop?

  1. I see why they don’t allow returns on this item…..this was the WORST snack I have ever tasted. It was absolutely awful. I truly will never understand how any of the good stars got there on this item. I rarely even render a review; however, in this case, I felt it absolutely justifiable considering the terrible taste and money absolutely wasted on this product.

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