Culture – A Night to Remember


I am an absolute advocate for growing and developing through travel and culture. One of the most incredible experiences I had this year was going to the HOROSCOPOS D DURANGO concert in Des Moines, IA. The experience was absolutely captivating and I was so glad I attended the event.


The music was louder, the people were incredible, and the performance was so unique and enchanting. When I arrived I was shocked that children as young as five were attending an event that I was used to only seeing 18+. As I started observing I realized how important, special, and happy the Hispanic community was to be sharing an event with their family; something I could really appreciate.


The friendship and smiles brought a strong emotion in my heart as each person appeared to accept and appreciate anyone and everyone that was present. I speak enough Spanish to get by, but being thrown in an environment where I was forced to communicate really was an exciting challenge. The trip was an impulse decision, one that I will never forget.


I treasured the artists who put on an incredible show, and what I was most impressed by is the way in which they linked with the fans. This was a major difference between the typical concerts I have went to, everything from eye contact to personal shout outs made the concert feel connected and alive. The fans were brought on stage, they were welcomed to converse openly and respectfully with the singers – and that is what building loyalty is about.


My takeaways from the night were that family is incredibly important to the Hispanic community. The performance is incredible and inclusive, and the people are accepting and loyal to support each other. Stretching our comfort zone and learning from others is what makes us grow. Most people think they have to travel outside of the country, when ultimately travel and culture is right outside our front door. Great show HOROSCOPOS D DURANGO, and thank you for helping me develop daily!


-Michael Dooley


One thought on “Culture – A Night to Remember

  1. Reblogged this on Jean Reinhardt and commented:
    I lived in Spain for almost 8 years and I would definitely agree with you about children always being welcome in the Spanish culture, very family orientated. Nice blog, Michael.

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