Virgin’s guide to promoting a blog or website on Google

Absolutely essential article for new bloggers to read through! I love the direct message you give and leave out all the fluff. I have learned a great deal over the past few months, and these like this are so beneficial and help out a ton!

Extra advice- write articles just like this one and you will make it to the top fast! Be informative and helpful and you will gain people like me reblogging you:

1. Great Titled
2. Super imaged
3. Worded powerfully


-Michael Dooley

Don Charisma

So you’ve started your new blog on “Jimothy’s witty little witticisms” or “Mary’s cake bakery” or “Annie’s Arts and Farts”. You’ve crafted the pages, blood sweat and tears to get it up and running. Toiled for hours, days, weeks, over a hot digital camera. Your brain is exhausted from putting all your witty little ditties in print. You’ve been round every shoe shop in a 100 mile radius to get a picture of those killer shoes. And now you have a “blog”, a “website”, an “online shop”, looks fantastic, content is awesome. Hmmm, but I’ve only had 6 pageviews in my stats and that was my mum looking at it. You are not alone, anyone, well I mean everyone that’s ever had a website has been there, had a great idea, wanted to share it, and bam, no one comes to visit. It’s a bit like all those independent shops…

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