5 Intense Strategies for Teamwork


Teamwork is considered to be one of the most essential elements of a successful business. Focusing on 5 intense strategies to establish teamwork, I have compiled a list of some things that have worked well in my own experience.

1. Appreciation huddle: a phenomenal way to gain perspective, openness, and team comradely is to host a meeting with your team. Sit in a circle and face each other, ask each team member to say one thing they appreciate about each team member. I have seen employees that could barely tolerate each other walk away relieved and united after this exercise, keep it all positive!

2. Conflict meeting: it’s very important for employees to own their own conflicts. Our job as a leader is to evaluate, discover and plan conflict resolution with our employees. Major disclaimer- not all conflict can and should be shared openly, but the majority of them are minute and can be handled between two employees. Moderate a meeting where the parties with conflict share their thoughts openly with each other. Keep the conversations moving towards a mutual understanding. The end result should be that each group has a chance to explain the impacts of their concerns, and an understanding of what will happen going forward.

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