6 Items I Couldn’t Live Without


I definitely think my list might be slightly subjective on a few of them because I am in a leadership role in corporate America, but for others I think that we should agree anyone can love. The following are not actually things I couldn’t live without, just things that make living so much easier.

  1. Banana Republic: yep that’s right; this company has incredible clothing and is really cheap as well (if you know what you are doing). I pay the same amount for Banana Republic’s clothing as most people do for grocery store clothing. If you shop at the right time, Banana Republic makes it incredibly easy to get your essentials for looking professional and doing it at a great price!
  2. Keurig: this machine has helped in so many ways I can’t begin to explain. It’s so convenient, so easy, and for some people like myself has even saved money.  I love Starbucks as well, but I can’t remember the last time I paid for coffee on the go.  I track my expenses and so far this coffee maker has saved me some serious cash. A great tip is to buy one for your office and have employees bring their own cups!
  3. Amazon: I use Amazon for everything, it ends up saving me a ton of money and I love their customer service. I have actually referenced personal stories from Amazon on conference calls because of their no hassle resolutions and amazing product selection. I know this one isn’t top secret, but unfortunately I still run into quite a few people that haven’t joined the bandwagon.  
  4. Discover: listen, I am actually not a huge advocate for credit cards, and I have no relationship with Discover other than a customer, but when companies do things right I always give recognition. I can and will write an entire article on everything from their customer service, easy of business, respect for the clients, amazing tools that they provide etc. I have had a few issues and situations that were handled flawlessly and the least I could do is tell you, I use my Discover card for every single purchase- love the company.
  5. WordPress: since being a member of WordPress I have experienced what it’s like to spread your message to a larger audience. I have already met so many great people and live to hear how my stories impact other’s lives. WordPress is a way for me to feel a connection with others that can be inspired and motivated to greatness and maybe with a little help from myself.
  6. Insanity: I am in the best shape of my life and save $80+ a month because of this DVD set. The workouts are incredibly difficult but when I am done working out I feel on top of the World. It really does feel like you are in the action while you sweat yourself to tears. Insanity definitely fills me need for a great workout and I quit going to the gym because the workouts are a great way to stay in excellent shape and live a healthy life.

Things that make life easier, and maybe even save money are essential parts of our growth. I personally feel that some of the companies mentioned above help set standards for excellence in other companies. It’s necessary to take time and share when you feel a true connection to a brand or product, you never know when you might help someone else develop daily!

-Michael Dooley

Founder of leaderdevelopmentblog.com


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