5 Things to Consider Before Demanding a Promotion


Society has changed over the last few generations, what once was a group of employees dedicated to hard work and climbing the internal ladder, is now like a bus stop with people waiting to be picked up. If you are currently waiting for your next promotion, or pondering why you have been sitting like a duck in your current role, be sure to check off on the following:

  1. Quality Networking: let me go ahead and be very candid with you, this might not be on everyone’s to-do list, but if you aren’t networking with those responsible for getting you promoted then you are killing your opportunities. Find time, meet people, and be real, if you are doing this solely to get promoted then it won’t happen. I fought networking for years before I realized that performance wasn’t everything, if people don’t know who you are, how are they going to be your advocates?
  2. Leader in Performance: this is so incredibly important; in fact please don’t even ask your leader for a raise or promotion until you are the king of the jungle. Find out what your key measures are in your company and rank yourself amongst your peers, if you aren’t outperforming them, find out the winner’s game plan and defeat them. If you aren’t crystal clear what your most important measures are, ask peers, oh and by the way, you have a long way to go if this is the case.
  3. Executive Maturity: as mentioned in many of my other articles, the higher up you rank in the company the more risk you inflict. If you are still shooting rubber bands across the room in meetings and are loose with your language, you might want to reconsider your actions. Most immature actions witnessed will only be referenced behind your back, you might get a few laughs, they might even be coming from your leader, but at the end of the day being known as the jokester isn’t a trophy that will get you to the next level.
  4. Next Role Assignments: this is a true test for both you and your employer, prove you can take on the next role by signing up for as many extra assignments that are aligned with the position you are trying to capture. If your leader can see you performing those tasks, as well as the ones mentioned above, you are going to eliminate a lot of your barriers. Not only will others see you perform, you will also get a true taste of what it will be like when you fill bigger shoes.
  5. Your Backup: that’s right; you absolutely must help in the process of getting your role filled first. Something that could easily prevent you from getting your next promotion is fear of you leaving your role and what is left behind. To be honest, you should have had this planned way ahead, I believe in always building your pipeline for leadership within your own team. If you are so incredible that you are being considered for a promotion, think about how terrible it would be if you left that role open? This piece of the pie is incredibly important for you, your leader, the company, and the deserving one who you get promoted!

There are many tips and tricks to getting promoted, at the end of the day hard work, performance and the list above will help eliminate many of the obstacles we don’t consider. I know this might be a great personal challenge for yourself, but if you are truly honest about what you are doing to get to the next level, these will take loads of time out of the process. Remember to challenge yourself, find others who can support your career, and as always develop daily!

-Michael Dooley



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