The Things I Took for Granted in an American Home

An incredible post for anyone (such as me) who wants to move to Thailand! I cant express how much this puts in to perspective moving and to Thailand and really considering all of the pros and cons. Thank you so much for the pictures and captions you provided!

A Journey of Many Thousand Miles

Moving is never fun, but moving out of the Spa Resort and into a more permanent place had been something that we all looked forward to.

Our official move-in date was Aug 22, but we got the keys from the landlady on Aug 21 (the owners seem very nice). Originally, we were just going to start moving some items over to the new place. However, as we were moving, we thought why not stay the night? And so we did.

The house was filled with items we moved over from the Spa Resort the first night. It was like a war zone.

The second night was not any better. In fact, we bought so many more household items the second day, the new place looked much worse. But the worst thing that happened last night was that we lost internet service all together! The DSL modem just seemed to not…

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