9 Impactful things you could say to change someone’s life…


By Stuart Miles, published on 27 June 2012
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the power behind em(power)ment

Empowerment can be one of the most powerful tools to help others through difficult times or to make others feel valued. To get the most out of this assignement, think hard about your leader saying the following 9 impactful phrases to you, how does it make you feel?

We all yearn for feedback, its why we often ask for it rather than waiting for others to give it openly. I firmly believe there is not enough empowerment in our lives, both receiving and giving. The majority of my confidence as a leader comes from a select few people that made me feel valued and special.

Whethere you excersise these phrases in your person life, or career, I promise that their impact if far beyond  what we imagine. Phrases of appreciation and empowerment stick with others for a longtime. Most of the praise leaders receive happen years after employees no longer have that working relationship.The most impactful leaders are the ones that know how to hold others accountable, but never shy on making others feel excellent as well.

  1. 1.    I appreciate you, thank you for everything you do.
  2. 2.    I believe in you, what you do makes me realize you are capable of anything.
  3. 3.    I trust you, when I come to you I know that I can be open about things.
  4. 4.    You inspire me, I often see you do things that makes me want to learn and grow to be as accomplished as yourself.
  5. 5.    I feel confident when you are around, when I know you are present I feel that we can achieve anything.
  6. 6.    I need you, without you I would be lost; the value you bring is beyond words.
  7. 7.    I am dedicated to you, anything you need I want you to tell me, I am dedicated to making your goals reality.
  8. 8.    I challenge you, you’ve shown excellence time over time, I want to constantly push your development by challenging you to the next level of greatness.
  9. 9.    I empower you, you are empowered to make your own decisions, I know that you will make the right ones and trust you to achieve anything.

I hope these phrases (with your own true spin) make it into the ears of people you work/live with daily. Feel free to share with me your own thoughts, and what difference you made today.

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13 thoughts on “9 Impactful things you could say to change someone’s life…

  1. As a Leadership Facilitator (my day job!) I am frequently discussing the impact that people have on others and how to effectively influence others in the right way. Two people I refer back to regularly are Stephen Covey and Robert Cialdini.

  2. Insightful article. From my research and experience on leadership, I find that it is the simple things that seem to defy success in leaders. A simple “Thank you” from a leader is indeed the fuel for empowerment and success.

  3. Wow! I feel like I’m running with the “pack” on this thread. Michael you just gave me another “empowering epiphany” with these 9 questions directed at the second person (employee). I wrote The 10 Commandments of Enterprise mentioning empowerment (the commandment of APPRECIATION) as a strategy from the perspective toward leaders (first persons: managing their teams, servicing clients and so forth). I didn’t think of using it to encourage the employee to empower themselves. This “empower the employee” (wordsmith: em-ployee + power= empower) is an upgraded viewpoint for today; versus power to the people, for the people. Your exercise encourages personal coaching to bring out the power “in” the people themselves! Thanks Michael for the “redirection of thinking”! Next time I will speak to both parties on the ticket. Leap Forward!

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  5. Hey Michael, I greatly enjoyed reading your post. The fact that simple words and phrases can release lots of descretionary effort among our employees is amazing. I liked most how you pointed them out in plain simple language and style. Thumbs up.

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