Why “Whys” are Wise…

Why “Whys” are Wise…

How employees respond to the reasons behind things…

It’s no secret as to why people respond better to things they understand, but unfortunately taking the time to explain decisions and reasons behind even the smallest things can prevent a lot of unnecessary downtime.

Standing in front of your team these days and demanding orders is a sure way to build tension in the room. Have you ever spouted a glorious speech you spent days preparing and felt nothing but silence in the room afterwards? Collaboration and explanation are extremely important in the workplace these days; in fact without it- you can’t operate a business. What once was suggestion is not imperative, and it comes down to explaining everything to everyone- like or not.

Before we start blaming our needy employees, think about a time that you were frustrated with a demand. Did a teacher punish you for something you didn’t understand? A loved one stop talking to you until you figured out what you did to make them upset? Or did a leader of yours tell you that you have to complete something you had no idea what its impact would have on the World?

How much time did it take you to figure out the “whys” on your own? How much time did you spend pondering the reason rather than how you would execute flawlessly on their expectations?

My advice: next time you decide to plan a meeting or spur out orders, spend as much time thinking about how you will convey the reasons behind these acts, as you do on how to get them done.



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