This should help with problems overcoming objections…


How our customers are trained to say no…to everything

After constantly retraining sales associates to overcome objections, I came up with an analogy that seems to help many with their struggles on offering the sale and overcoming objections. Probably one of the most influential portions of the sale, most people fail to even get the basics down.

If you are struggling with another employee or even yourself with being able to offer your customers a product or service, try taking this analogy into consideration.

Good Host Analogy: You go to your fiancés parents’ house for the very first time, you greet them and exchange names. You are invited into the house and find a common room to sit in. What is the very first thing that a good host will always ask you within the first few moments of being in the house? –“Can I get you something to eat/drink?”

Now of course almost everyone can do that right? Go figure everyone knows they will ask, but the question is what do you say back? –“No”

9 out of 10 times we will say no to the host because we don’t want to inconvenience them. Crazy to think that way considering if we are the host we appreciate making our guest feel comfortable. What’s even more ridiculous is what happens a few moments after you say “no” and the host accepts that as the final answer; YOU WISH YOU HAD SAID YES!

Now, a poor host will not offer to begin with, and make sure to note that the guest will be taking record of this. An average host will offer, and accept the first no, leaving their guest thirsty. But, every once in a while there is a persistent and great host that will follow up with: “Oh come on, we have fruit, we have cookies, apple juice, what can I get you?” Of course it’s a win-win and you surrender to the offer making the host feel needed and you get the drink you ultimately wanted.

It goes without further explanation that we are conditioned to say no to everything in this country, not because we don’t want something, but because we want to be polite. I say this country because this analogy doesn’t work in every country as customs are different, but in general it takes more than just offering, dig a little deeper- no isn’t always no.



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