Fight your fear with peers….

Fight your fear with peers….

When everyday people become powerful leaders their World becomes turned upside down, the fear of the unknown sets in and the reality presents itself. I remember my first few months moving from a sales consultant into my first leadership role. Everything from what I said towards my team to how I performed for my boss was nerve racking and made me sick when I realized I didn’t fully know what I was doing.

Here is the good news! Every new leader is overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge when they first become a manager, my advice, utilize your peers!

It may seem simple, but utilizing your peers does a multitude of things. Besides the mounds of knowledge that they can feed into your daily routine, it also shows humility and common purpose amongst each other and your boss. Peers are often what helps you get through hard times, and when you have a powerful family of leaders on your side, the road to success becomes so much sweeter!

Think about a time someone asked you for advice, how did it make you feel? The truth is that the feeling of being wanted doesn’t just stop in your social life; it transfers into your business life as well. Replicate those feelings and challenge yourself within the next week to ask for help, ask for help even when you think you know the answer. Many times you will find better processes for doing things, and in the meantime build up some amazing relationships.

Now for you newbies, remember that it’s okay to be overwhelmed with your new role, there is a learning curve that most goods bosses will understand, but if you aren’t seeking information and learning quickly, you might over stay your welcome. You will soon come to realize as you mature into your role that you will appreciate your own team utilizing each other for answers. It feels great when your team looks to you for advice, but if you ever want to continue to develop your own career, you need a self-sufficient team.



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