Are your employees in danger of burnout?

ImageWhy new employees become content overtime…

How wonderful it is to have that glorious new hire on your team, that eager to learn and willing to do anything mentality from a person so privileged to now be on your team. 

It’s rare to see a new employee with a wrinkled shirt, a bad attitude and a tardy stamp on their card the first week, so why does this same employee end up in the dull basket with so many other associates in the work environment over time?

My answer for many problems in the workplace is lack of accountability, so when you remove the sprinkling of CHALLENGE from an employee’s plate on top of not holding them accountable, you have one big disaster waiting to happen.

When I look back at some of the most amazing team members I hired and review their highs and lows of performance, it almost always falls into how and what I did to challenge them, and then hold the accountable to that challenge. New hires perform best because they don’t know what to expect, they are taking in a new exciting opportunity, and they don’t want to let anyone down.

Much like that new hire, our employees that have been with us for a while are yearning for that same type of challenge and accountability, and there are many things you can do to help inspire and challenge your employees.

The better your associates perform, the more challenge and accountability they need. My advice is to evaluate how your team shows up every day, are they coming in late? Is your team’s performance and morale low? Ask yourself what you have done to challenge them lately, if it’s been the same ole same ole, you might just be the one to blame for their lack of productivity.

Ask your team to come up with new and revamped goals, challenge high performs to do something they aren’t incredible at, start cross training your team in different channels, and last but not least, hold them accountable to these goals!



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