I am looking for individuals to share with me their most influential leader in their life and why they were so inspirational.

I will be sharing your stories in a book I am working on publishing sometime in the next few months.

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Here is an example of my own story:

Shay Dulle, Author:

If we skip forward to right before I became a manager, we find the key that helped me get my foot in the door to a successful path. Her name was Jan and she was a well-known artist that lived in a small rural town in Missouri.
I was an associating working in a Copy and Print center during the beginning of my career. One morning I walked into work and saw my supervisor looking at my previous night copy and print work. She was disappointed because I altered Jan’s artwork and changed her specific copy orders. She wanted me to call Jan and explain to her what I had done as she was one of our top clients. I was frantic, and concerned I was going to upset Jan.

I will never forget the day Jan came in and I had set out all of her artwork across a table. The artwork was her hand drawn traditional artwork that I digitally enhanced completely. She walked towards me, looked at the artwork, looked up into my eyes and as I weakly spoke “Jan I’m so sorry-“she cut me off. She looked down at the work shook her head and simply and elegantly said “Fabulous”. My heart felt with a joy that has rarely been replicated in my life. From that point on we started to design art together and did various projects throughout the next year with our artwork.
It was one of the most exciting times of my life, and in that time I learned how to funnel my energy, my creativity, my time management, and my drive into the artwork. I had to talk to managers of businesses, sell the ideas to companies, research manufactures, and ultimately manage a small business.

I developed so much in such a small amount of time I remember going to my supervision and asking them for a promotion into leadership. I came up with a business plan and the benefit of what I could do if they put me into that position and I very quickly followed his action plan to get promoted.

This is an example of what I am looking for, I am greatly looking forward to working with you in the future and thank you in advance for the support!

Shay Dulle

-Develop Daily!

How to Win a Client for Life- Marriott Inspired Customer Service Story


I am always the first one to give credit for great customer service, but the reason I must publicly acknowledge Marriott is because of my recent interaction with them this morning.

The story:

I call Marriott for a routine hotel booking this morning. The lady who answered my phone was INCREDIBLE! From the moment we started talking she made things simple and tailored for my situation. What stands out most to me in the interaction was that she had to deal with a problem during our interaction, but executed with perfection.

Without skipping a beat this flawless employee said “We are fully committed this night, so let’s explore some other options for you.” THAT’S RIGHT! Not: “We’re booked, sorry.” She asked all the right questions, she was personable and had an abundant amount of energy- she made my day.

I was so enchanted with her resilience I didn’t even care that we were moving on to other options. I gladly took her recommendation for a different hotel under the Marriott brand and will be staying there this week. I am emotionally attached to a brand, and that is power. How can we replicate this situation in our everyday lives?

So let’s explore the power this conversation had:

  • I hosted a conference call today where I discussed the impact of great customer service to 40 leaders
  • Many of those 40 people will share this with their friends, family, coworkers and so on…
  • I’m posting this article which will reach on average 70k people in one way or the other
  • Marriott keeps me as a loyal customer for life and even got a booking for another night

You might think this situation was routine, but you are absolutely wrong. Think about how many times hotels have to tell clients that they are booked, or that they can’t accommodate a specific need. The power that confidence, communication, and care provides us is beyond what we recognize. All the training in the World will not keep a disgruntled employee from providing awful customer service.

First of all, thank you Marriott for a wonderful experience. I think it is important to recognize passionate employees, and even more important to replicate their efforts within our own teams. Believe in the power of one, and develop daily!

Michael Dooley

Question: what stood out to you as great service? What do you think is most important?